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Dwelling outside

type of work

Design-Build project


Spring semester 2022


Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague


group work: Dominik Rejthar, Dominika Kadulová, Vladimír Bezchleba, Eliška Kořínková

Peace, privacy, relaxation, climate improvement, these slogans draw many people from cities to nature, to the countryside and, worse, to satellite cities. At the same time, a large number of city people have the right opportunity under their noses or rather their windows. The block, a typical urban element can literally create an oasis in the city centers, as the houses around the perimeter hide within pieces of wildlife. Many courtyards do not use their potential. Rainwater is a big topic that today's cities are intensively dealing with. Extensive paved areas do not allow rainwater to soak in at the point of their fall. This leads to the disruption of the small water cycle and the deterioration of the climate in cities, so it must be seen as a valuable commodity.

This assignment was so called "design-build project". In a team of four we developed a design and implementation documentation for the revitalization of the whole courtyard. In the next phase we presented our proposal to the professors and people living in the housing building. Together we choose one element,
which was developed into production documentation and built.

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