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Winery Vinarstvi Korinkova

type of work

Academic project


Spring semester 2022


Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague

The winery building is set in the terrain of a vineyard located on a slope above Velké Němčice. The heavy stone lower part growing from the slope hides the whole production process, its placement in the ground helps to maintain the temperature for wine production and storage. The part for tasting, on the other hand, is a light wooden structure opened by a glass facade towards the view of the horizon with the Pálav Hills. The roofing is solved by a flat roof with extensive greenery and a protruding console. The winery is accessible from the adjacent road above the land, which is used mainly for the transport of grapes, wine expedition and barrier-free entrance. Visitors can enjoy the view of the building during a walk, when they also can look at the place where the statue is placed.

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