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Trakai Rowing centre

type of project

Academic project


Winter semester 2018


VGTU - Vilnius

The concept of the architectural solution is based on the urban analysis and the urban proposal. The site is placed by the lake on the east coast of Trakai peninsula. The main aim was to respect the existing historic scale of the buil- dings and preserve the value of the view of the lake from existing dwelling buildings. That is why I am dividing the area into four smaller masses that respect the size of the surrounding building and they are also referred to by the shape of the roofs.
The important buildings placed in the surroundings and the nature around serve as the points, that I am referring to with the placement of different fun- ctions and public spaces within the proposed buildings.
The aim is to create a inclusive place that would be open to public and at the same time provide the facilities for Rowing club of Trakai to train, store the boats and held sport events.
Public places within the buildings are placed around a public courtyard that serves as the outside area of the bistro and relaxation connected with the lake. On the first floor, there is the hotel reception, bistro, and cafe space pla- ced in the connection of the two separate volumes, a small auditorium and representative room of the Rowing centre. The visitor is led thru the public places by the curve reminiscing the waterfront and opening the space of the cafe to the beautiful view.
The sport events can be obrerved from tribune placed on the pier as well as sauna.
The private spaces of the rowing centre are placed in connection with the onútside sports area in the eastern part of the site. The design is made effi- cient and with taking into account all the needs of the athletes. The gym is placed with a view of the lake, changing rooms and facilities are separate and the common rooms and day rooms have a connection to the private, calm courtyard, that is closed from the public and offers a private outside space for the community. The storage of the boats and workshop area is placed underground easily reachable by car by ramp from small outside parking.

The site of the rowing centre is a part of the development of new public spa- ces and connections that are proposed in the city of Trakai close to its muni- cipality building. There is an existing pedestrian promenade on the east coast of the Trakai peninsula and the main road going inland thru the whole city. There is the municipality building together with two buildings and churches at the point, where the peninsula is the widest, creating a public centre by the main inland road. This part is badly connected with the existing coast pro- menade. This became the subject of this proposal. By creating a new area of rowing centre with added public functions I am offering people a reason to go from the inland part of the peninsula to the lake and continue on the prome- nade. At the same time, I enable people to enter the public centre easily from the part of the lake. The development of the existing abandoned green areas is an important part of the urban solution. By revitalising the three green areas I am in and creating a new pedestrian route with tree alley I enable a comfortable connection between the main cultural and public places in this part of the city. A new restaurant is proposed on the connection of the muni- cipality building and the lake coast near the biggest church in Trakai.
The proposal aims to create a better connected middle part of the city. Of- fer new public places, where various activities can be held. Create a central point of Trakai where the green and the build development coexist together, where sport and culture are in harmony and the space follows the strong historical tradition by respecting the existing urban scale.

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