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Gåsebäck Cultural Crossroad

type of project

Academic project


Winter semester 2018


Lunds University - LTH department of architecture

The aim of the vision for Gåseback is to create a new living and dynamic part of Helsingborg, where different opinions, cultures and knowledge can be met together and shared. The existing culture life has a great potential to develop and create space where people of different ages and backgrounds can find a safe space to explore and reconnect with the city, history and nature. I wanted to create an inclusive, go to place for local people and visitors to freely develop many different skills, talents and hobbies.
The reason to create such a place is the need to bring life back to Gåseback and strengthen the connections with the rest of the Helsingborg city. There are many things Gåsebäck can offer, with creating places that afford different types of activities and are inviting for different groups of people, the quality of this place can be fully developed.
To archive the vision of Cultural crossroad I am working with strategie preserve/reuse/adapt/refine/blue-green.
By preserving existing organizations and reusing the historical valuable buildings the local spirit can be still alive. Many of the existing buildings can be adapted in different ways to serve new pur- pose, when the buildings cannot be preserved there is still possibility to reuse the material for new structures. I am refining existing street structure to emphasize the connections, make structure of streets where it is easy to orientate and creating urban blocks to densify the urban structure of the site. The densification provide the site with new places for housing, public activities and green infrastructure.
Designing the urban farming areas is helping with implementing more green and also spreading knowledge of sustainable living. Urban farming serves educational purposes but also provides wor- king possibilities for homeless people and fresh resources for peoples kitchen.

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