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Family house TWO Flows

type of project

Academic project


Winter semester 2018


Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague

The building of the Two Flows family house is located in Prague on Baba in the street nad Paťankou. The task was to create a house for a family of four, together with an art studio. The concept of this proposal is a combination of two different functions, a living function and a creative/painting function. This results in the optical division of the volumes of the building into two masses. Facing the street, the transversely oriented part functions as a studio, a raised, simple space that is illuminated by the desired northern light using a skylight, stimulates a creative atmosphere, and at the same time, a sash window frames the view of Prague. The contrast is then the elongated part used for housing. On the entrance floor, there is a common area, which, thanks to the terrace, extends to the horizon of the Prague panorama and supports the feeling of connection with the exterior. Private rooms and access to the outdoor space are located on the quiet lower floor. Both parts are accessible separately from the exterior. In the interior, they are connected by a passage from the parents' bedroom on the lower floor, and on the upper floor, from the living room, you can look through the glass door and window through the entire studio, which opens up a view of another part of the panorama. Both parts are unique and different, but thanks to small details, they separate somewhere and merge together again.

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