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Eliška Kořínková

I am an architecture student from the Czech Republic. My home university is CTU in Prague, Faculty of Architecture. As an exchange student, I was able to attend Lund University in Sweden and VILNIUS TECH University in Lithuania. 

I gained work experience during my internships in several civil engineering offices and the architectural office DHArchitekti.

I believe that my interest in art, motivation to work hard and empathy can be brought together in my path to create an architecture that respects local conditions while following current standards. With as little impact on the environment as possible.




Vilnius TECH, study exchange

During my exchange in Vilnius I was able to work with professors specializing their work in the field of building restoration and protection. That gave me an opportunity to realize the many values of existing constructions and also provided me with great knowledge how to effectively work with existing building to preserve these values and be able to justify these actions.


LTH - Lund University, study exchange

The exchange at University of Lund was an amazing opportunity, that helped me to navigate myself in the field of architecture to the topics, that I would be glad to work on further in the future. Thanks to the teaching methods there I learned managing group work and communication skills. The university provided me with new perspectives on the problem of sustainability and the recycling possibilities.


Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University, bachelors program

The bachelor program of Faculty of architecture at CTU in Prague is trying to provide an overall knowledge of the field of the practice of architecture. By completing the bachelor thesis I had an opportunity to create an overall documentation from the study of the building to technical drawings. Including civil engineering, statics and technical solutions to the detail of interior of one part of the building.

2021 - present

Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University, masters program

estimated date of graduation: 07. 2024


High school of Civil Engineering, Liberec, Czech Republic

Attending a technical high school provided me with background of technical knowledge. I was able to participate on work on several construction sites and thanks to the practical part of education I gained experience in the functioning of several civil engineering offices.

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